John Andrew

John Andrew / Co-Founder

John is the fount of travel industry knowledge for the company.  He also dabbles in writing code occasionally, for which we apologise in advance.
Nick Pasadakis

Nick Pasadakis / Co Founder

Nick is Mr Website and coddles our code as if it were a tender child.  He also acts as our social conscience and barista.
Delia Franco

Delia Franco / Project Manager

Delia has 20 years travel experience and is our nice but firm taskmaster.
Giannis Tzagarakis

Giannis Tzagarakis / Software Developer

Giannis is The Pessimist.  Every company needs someone who believes that the sky may fall on his head just to keep everyone else's wild optimism in check.
Menelaos Viskadouros

Menelaos Viskadouros / Software Developer

Menelaos is Mr Cruise and learning rapidly about flights.  Works like a Trojan, which is odd for a Greek, especially one called Menelaos.