Mike Kavros

Mike Kavros / IT Ops and Dev Ops Manager

We think that Mike might be the happiest man alive.  Even when he's worked all night on a server setup and been awoken by a screaming baby 5 minutes after getting to sleep, he smiles graciously.  Being calm and happy is vital for a Dev Ops guy because he knows that he will have foreseen the problem and already has a plan to fix it quickly.
Victor Candi

Victor Candi / Lead Back-End Developer

Victor is The Perfectionist.  Never a design meeting goes past without his worrying that a minor detail has been forgotten.  Airlines and hotels systems therefore infuriate him in their inconsistencies but he's fighting to fix that.
John Andrew

John Andrew / Co-Founder

John is the fount of travel industry knowledge for the company.  He also dabbles in writing code occasionally, for which we apologise in advance.
Nick Pasadakis

Nick Pasadakis / Co Founder

Nick is Mr Website and coddles our code as if it were a tender child.  He also acts as our social conscience and barista.
Delia Franco

Delia Franco / Project Manager

Delia has 20 years travel experience and is our nice but firm taskmaster.
Giannis Tzagarakis

Giannis Tzagarakis / Software Developer

Giannis is The Pessimist.  Every company needs someone who believes that the sky may fall on his head just to keep everyone else's wild optimism in check.