Tailored Offerings

//Tailored Offerings

Give your customers the chance to adjust your standard offerings online or via your contact centre, so that they get the holiday they want, not just the holiday that you’ve had time to offer them.

Add the following products to your package (either included/priced-in or optional):

  • Flights, Hotels, Cruises, Tours, Transfers, Car Hire, Tickets and Excursions.

Once the customer has found your package, allow the user to create a quote with the following changes to your standard package (before booking):

  • Hotels:
    • Add a hotel stay
    • Lengthen / shorten an existing hotel stay.
    • Upgrade hotel room type.
  • Transfers
    • Change from bulk to private transfers.
  • Cruises
    • Upgrade cruise cabin grade.
  • Car Hire
    • Change car type
    • Return car early / pickup car late
    • Change pick-up or drop-off location
  • Flights
    • Upgrade flight cabin.
    • Fly at a different time.
    • Fly with a different airline.