Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a web design company?

Yes and no.  We do design websites for people but our core strength is in web development.  We would not engage in pure design work without development work.  If you need functional design assistance or need to rebuild your web platform extensively, we recommend our sister company, Cool Travel Ltd.

Are you a web development company ?

Yes.  We are.  Although our primary goal is to build a template-driven web platform for small travel companies.

If you’re looking for web development, we can probably help you.  If we have already developed a modules in your area, for instance flights or cruises, we can significantly speed up your development; if we haven’t already developed it but it’s on our roadmap, we’ll certainly cut you as good a deal as anyone.

So just tell us what you want and we can speak.

Can you host our domain and give us branded email ?

Yes.  Of course.  If you’d like us to host everything so that you don’t need to worry about this, we can give you the website, email, hosting, telephones etc..

Can you give us integrated telephony too ?

Yes.  We can.  We can give you a fully-functional private branch exchange that integrates nicely with your website and, for instance, will direct calls to a specific agent if the web user is looking at a particular product.  This should enhance your ability to service your customers.  If you’re a one-gentleman (or one-lady) -band, then we can still help you with telephony.

Is this a bookable website then ?

No.  It isn’t.  Not at the moment.  At the moment, the priorities of our customers are to allow their customers to be able to search their products and to be able to push particular product to their customers.  Given that many small travel companies have little or no web presence, this is often a huge step up and will generate many more leads (people will be able to find all yours product on Google, for instance).

Is all your content in English ?

Not quite!  Although at the moment most of our content is indeed in English, if for no other reason than that most readily-available content in the travel industry is primarily in English.  This is something that we’re working on and our primary focus is to improve the amount of content that we have in other Northern European languages (e.g. German, French, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian etc.).  If you can help us with this then do please let us know.

What does this website do ?

The website is effectively a white label website that can be integrated into multiple CMSs.  So, for example, if you currently have a WordPress website and would like to enable a Fly-Cruise search on that website, then we would be able to put our Fly-Cruise search widget into your website and customers would be able to use it to find Fly-Cruise packages.

What if I just want a completely new website ?

If you want a completely new website, we can give you a completely new website with all of our travel widgets in it, we can alter many aspects of the how the widgets look so that you don’t look like your competitors, and we can give you your own content management system so that you can edit your own web content.

Where do you get the prices and availability?

Pretty much the same place that everyone else gets them: we integrate with providers that have this information.

This means that, in order to make best use of our technology,  you will have to set up commercial relationships with travel providers if you don’t have them.

  • If you’re active in the industry now, it’s likely that you already have access to these systems and we would then just need to change some security settings so that your new website would be able to get at your data in those systems.
  • If you’re not yet active in the travel industry, we can put you in touch with all the people that you would need to speak to.

What if I have special fares and rates or my own unique products ?

It depends.  In some cases, if your fares or rates are in one of the systems that we already have access to, we can change security settings to access them.  If not, the options are that we build a new connection, which can take a little time, or we can offer you a way of getting them into our database so that we can find them.  It’s best to talk in this case.

How long will this whole thing take ?

Well.  That depends on what you want.  If you want us to host everything (which is usually much the easiest way) then we can probably have you up and running with a reasonable website in about a month.  If you want to host it then it could take a little longer as we would need to set up additional connections to suppliers.