About Cool Digital

Cool Digital Ltd is a travel software development and web development company, based in London, UK and Heraklion, Greece.

As with many things, Cool Digital began over dinner in a fine Cretan restaurant (this one) in the summer of 2017 and has progressed into a small, energetic and profitable company since then.

We believe that we have a strong mix of youth and enthusiasm; and wisdom and experience but you would have to meet us to be certain.

Our strategic aims are two-fold but we can only tell you about the first bit so far; and our first aim is to bring web and contact centre functionality – that only large tour operators can normally afford – to much smaller tour operators.

Where a large tour operator might spend £500,000 to £50,000,000 (often on projects managed by our sister company, Cool Travel Ltd) buying and installing a new reservation system and website, we’re here to give you the best parts of what they have from a starting price of £5,000 to £15,000, and we have a small but growing band of customers who believe that we’re doing the right thing.

We’ll tell you all about our second aim when we’ve got the system ready.

But for the time being, please contact us for access to our travel platform demo site.

Cool Digital's Travel Platform

Simple selling systems for small tour operators

Cool Digital provides a simple but functionally advanced website and reservation system for small tour operators at an affordable price.

The Cool Digital Travel Platform is the product of the 100+ years of travel technology experience in our partner company, Cool Travel Ltd.

Why Choose Us

We’re a new company in a crowded market.  So why would you choose us?

Industry Knowledge

We’ve installed inventory systems in large travel companies so we know what works and what doesn’t.

Content Driven

We’re collating all the best product content so your products will look beautiful to your customers.

Web knowledge

We’ve built the websites of many of Europe’s biggest tour operators so their successes and mistakes have taught us.

Low overheads

We know that you haven’t got 100s of people to manage this so we’re designing this for simplicity of management.

Technical Knowledge

We have many years of travel technology experience so we have designed our systems to grow with you.


We’re doing the research and development for you so you’ll get simple, modern technology and design.

Value for money

We’re building this specifically with the budgets of smaller operators in mind so you will be able to afford it.

Supportive Team

We have a dedicated and supportive team of decent people so we hope you’ll enjoy working with us along the way.

Our Team

We believe that our team is a great blend of enthusiasm and experience.

Mike Kavros
We think that Mike might be the happiest man alive.  Even when he's worked all night on a server setup and been awoken by a screaming baby 5 minutes after getting to sleep, he smiles graciously.  Being calm and happy is vital for a Dev Ops guy because he knows that he will have foreseen the problem and already has a plan to fix it quickly.
Mike Kavros

IT Ops and Dev Ops Manager

Victor Candi
Victor is The Perfectionist.  Never a design meeting goes past without his worrying that a minor detail has been forgotten.  Airlines and hotels systems therefore infuriate him in their inconsistencies but he's fighting to fix that.
Victor Candi

Lead Back-End Developer

John Andrew
John is the fount of travel industry knowledge for the company.  He also dabbles in writing code occasionally, for which we apologise in advance.
John Andrew


Nick Pasadakis
Nick is Mr Website and coddles our code as if it were a tender child.  He also acts as our social conscience and barista.
Nick Pasadakis

Co Founder

Delia Franco
Delia has 20 years travel experience and is our nice but firm taskmaster.
Delia Franco

Project Manager

Giannis Tzagarakis
Giannis is The Pessimist.  Every company needs someone who believes that the sky may fall on his head just to keep everyone else's wild optimism in check.
Giannis Tzagarakis

Software Developer

Cool Digital's Current Clients

Our current customers are

A small UK cruise tour operator, based in Sussex in the UK,

A small UK general tour operator, based in the West Midlands in the UK,

An OTA, based in Nigeria,

A cruise content company, based in Hampshire in the UK.

Cool Digital's Future Customers

We’re only just getting started and we’re very keen to hear from

Any small tour operators that are looking for the best value way of having a strong web presence (and many other things too),

Any large tour operators that have decided that their eCommerce and IT departments cost too much, or

Any travel company that’s looking for software development.  If you want something that’s already on our development roadmap (or that we’ve already developed), we’ll be very happy to help you.  If what you want is what we’re working on next, we’re always happy to share some of the development costs if you don’t mind sharing the IP.

Contact Us

Please feel free to call us on:

+44 20 8191 7777

(or 020 8191 777 if you’re in the UK)

Mail us at:


Or by filling in the contact form just on the right here

Find Us

If you’re dropping around to meet us or just fancy a cup of tea/wine (UK) or coffee/raki (Greece), then you’ll find us at one of the following spots

UK Office

26 Lillian Road, Barnes, London SW13 9JG, UK.

Tel: +44 20 8191 7777

which is in the green and pleasant but often damp London suburb of Barnes, just beneath the flight path into Heathrow Airport

Greek Office

Anagenniseos 44, 716 01 Nea Alikarnassos, Crete, Greece.

Tel: +30 281 0203600

which is in the concreted and busy but always sunny Heraklion suburb of Nea Alikarnassos, just beneath the flight path into Nikos Kazantzakis Airport.